Special harmonicas, 100% made in France

French music instruments manufacturer, Yonberg invented the Gamma® reeds, which are a new technology developed and patented by Yonberg.


Completely made in France, these reeds are standard on all Yonberg harmonicas and have excellent mechanical characteristics and offer high performance.


The unique design® of the Gamma® reeds as well as the very particular mechanical working procedure explain their exceptional durability.


They generate a warm, powerful and very rich in harmonics sound that characterizes the “Yonberg’ sonic signature”.


Yonberg harmonicas are available in different keys (C, A, G, D, F, E, B, LF, Ab, Eb, Bb, Db) and in different types of tuning (Richter, Solo Tuning, etc.). Thus, they allow harmonica players to play all styles of music (blues, jazz, country, Celtic and folk music, etc.).

Excellent french and international artists have already adopted them in concert. Taking them on stage, they share with the audience their passion for the wind instrument to the rhythm of their breath.

Harmonicas that can be dismantled in less than 30 seconds!

The best advantage of our instruments is that they can be dismantled and re-assembled very quickly and easily thanks to their Quick Dismantling System (QDS).

To open the harmonica, 30 seconds are enough. Simply unscrew the three screws thanks to the mini screw driver supplied with purchase. Thus, you directly access to reeds for cleaning, maintenance and adjustment.

Reassembly in reverse direction is just as fast and easy as dismantling.

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