For beginners

  • What key choose when we begin?

Most of people begin with the key of C because the scale of C remains the most accessible one as learning goals for beginners. However, this is not an obligation and some people begin with a key of A or G.

  • Why choose a storm?

The storm is equipped with stainless steel reeds renowned for their long service life. It produces a bright, round, warm and powerful sound.

  • Why choose a typhoon?

The typhoon combines all the components of performance and elegance : stainless steel reeds and black crystal rigid plates. The sole difference between the typhoon and the storm is the color of the rigid plates. The sound characteristics of both harmonicas are absolutely equivalent.


 The technology

  • How to dismantle my harmonica?

To completely disassemble the instrument you only need to unscrew the three big M3 screws for a direct access to reedplates for maintenance and adjustment. The reassembly is just as easy and fast as the dismantling. You can also follow the instruction on this video tutorial.

  • What is the  interest of  dismantling my harmonica?

You have to regulary clean your harmonica first of all for hygiene but also  to maintain its performances and the longetivity of the reeds. Thank to Yonbergquick dismantling system (QDS) this operation is very easy and  fast. You can check this video tutorial.

  • Is it possible to adjust the harmonica for overdraws or for overblows?

The Yonberg harmonicas are adjusted with a middle gapping. It is usually satisfising for  most of hamonicists who practise overblows and overdraws. However for an optimized gapping it is necessary to work with a customizer who will precisely adapt the gapping to your own way of playing. Some of our referent clients are likely to offer this service (see list referent clients).

  • What is the difference between a D1 and a D2?

The sole difference between a D1 and a D2 regards the covers. The D1 covers are  aluminium alloy injected pieces and the D2 covers are  Tritan®( polycarbonate) plastic  injection molding cooperating with  stainless steel stiffening plates.

  • When will the chromatic arrive?

In the future, Yonberg will propose a chromatic harmonica but it is  not yet plannified.


Yonberg service

  • Can I customize my Yonbergharmonica?

Yonberg offers the possibility to customize your Yonberg harmonica. Several elements are availabme in various colours, so you can make your own choices. To do so, order the standard model of your choice, and before finalizing your order, add the customization option to your basket (add as many ptions as instruments you want to customize). Once your order is finalized, then send an email at to indicate us the new parts and their colours that you wish. In this email, we thank you for specifying the following elements: last name, first name, order reference, corresponding instrument (if there are several in the order).

  • What is a referent client?

Yonberg offers a service to connect with referent clients who already have a Yonberg harmonica who propose to show you Yonberg harmonicas, and to give you advices. Some of them can also propose lessons, and demonstrations, and some of them can even propose special tunings or make fine tuning for overblows and overdraws. All services put in place and proposed by referent clients belonging to the Yonberg community are not effectuated  under the responsibility of Yonberg company. Yonberg company can not be held liable for any failure regarding these services. All tunings and customizations made outside of the Yonberg company  can not be taken care of Yonberg assistance in case of problems. You can find our referent client list by following  this  link referent clients and check our terms of use.

After-sales service

  • I have a problem, what can I do?

If you have a problem with your Yonberg harmonica, by email please indicate the number of the invoice you have received when you have purchased your Harmonica and send us a picture  of your problem at the following e-mail address After your problem has been evaluated by the Yonberg technical service in the case this problem can not be resolved by phone assistance,  we will send you a quotation for repairing. Then if you accept this quotation, Yonberg will  send you  a ASS ticket. Yonberg will refuse all the products which will be sent without respecting the above mentioned procedure.

  • How can I contact the After Sale Service of Yonberg?

Directly on our e-mail :


Troubleshooting ASS

  • I have a reed that no longer works or badly works, what shall I do?

When a reed no longer works it is mostly because an obstacle (deposition or micro detritus) does not allow it to vibrate corectly through the window in which it oscillates. Simply disassemble the harmonica to clean it, which is very easy with the patented Yonberg quick dismantling system (QDS). If the defective reed still does not work after cleaning the harmonica  it may be  due to a slight swiveling of the reed  around its rivet which causes it to rub against the edges of the slot through which it oscillates. It is then necessary to re-align it very carefully  in the axis of the slot and it should again work without problem.

  • I have a reed who becomes low, what can I do?

When  a reed quickly becomes lower that means that it is breaking. It is therefore imperative to quickly change this defective reed.


Where we find

  • Where can I find a Yonberg hamonica?

Directly on our website or in one of the stores selling our products that you can locate very easily by using the following link : stores.

  • Where can I find our partner shops ?

To locate our partner shops, please follow this link : resellers.


 Order tracking

  • How can I track  my order?

You can track its route by using this link and you just have to identify your tracking number which we have sent you when we have shipped your order : tracking.

  • When will I receive my order?

Except in case of stock shortage, your order will be shipped 2 to 3 days* after his reception. The time for delivering depends to our  carrier LaPoste but all depends of the destination.

  • Which payment methods are possible?

You can pay  with  PayPal, or with a  credit card on our secure interface Paybox


For professionals

  • You wish to distribute or to inform us of a possible collaboration?

We thank you to send your request at

  • How to buy items online?

In a very classic way, you just have to go to our e-shop.

Then add the products that  you are interested in to your shopping cart by clicking on the Button “Add to Cart”.

Once your selection is complete, you can see your whole selection in the “My basket” tab, available at the top right of all pages of the site Then You  have the ability to change quantities, choose the desired keys  and/or remove products from your shopping cart. All you have to do is to finalize your order in creating a customer account and to pay your order online by secure payment.