Livio Careddu is a harmonica player who sounds mainly in the Grand-Est region. This is
at the age of 7 his parents gave him his first harmonica, an instrument to which he
has always been attracted.

It is by listening to his father, also a harmonica player, and by rubbing shoulders with the local musical community,
that he grew up. Many harmonica players such as J.J Milteau, Steve Baker, Andy
Just, Mark Ford or even Jason Ricci strongly inspired him!

Versatile harmonica player having tamed the instrument by ear, he mainly plays the
blues, rock and French variety, which he often revisits thanks to his formations

Livio Careddu performs in concert and in many local festivals, in
France and abroad, notably in Germany and Luxembourg.

He is also the creator of the microphone called the “black bullet”, style microphone
bicycle headlight designed especially for harmonica players. Already several recognized artists
have adopted it such as Vincent Bucher, Marko Balland, Ange Boukier, Koko Harp.

Currently, he performs with the group “L’art Scène”, which is a
electro-acoustic band offering guitar/harmo compositions and covers
road style.

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