The Yonberg's history

The story of Yonberg begins the the 1960’s in the Plateau of Beauregard, near Thones, at 1,600 meters, high in the French Alps.


There, as a young boy, Jean-Claude Bibollet played the harmonica while tending the family cows, accompanied only by the ringing of their bells. He never forgot this childhood memory and for many years he secretly hoped to produce his own harmonicas.


He sought to revolutionize this small instrument by making it more modern and elegant and by enhancing its’ sound, until it reproduced the warm mountain sounds of his youth. Finally, after many years, Jean-Claude, using his extensive experience and training in innovative product design and inspired by his passion for the harmonica, was able to fulfill his dream. He now wishes to share his results, the Yonberg harmonicas, with players all around the world.


They are now in your hands!