Color Typhoon Harmonica



Diatonic harmonica

Made in France

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The Color Typhoon diatonic harmonica is made in France. It is equipped with stainless steel Gamma reeds®.
Gamma reeds® offer high performance and exceptional durability. They generate a warm, powerful and very rich in harmonics sound that characterizes the “Yonberg’ sonic signature”.
The metal plates of the Color Typhoon receive a special treatment which produces a majestic black crystalline finish.  Each color corresponds to a key. Please note that the key of C is only available in the black version.
Each harmonica is supplied in an empty case with a mini screwdriver.


Keys: the Color Typhoon is available in Richter, Paddy and Solo Tunings. They come in different colors for easy identification.

If you would like a different tuning, please let us know at Include your order’s Reference Number.


Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 86 gr
  • Length: 4.33 inch
  • Thickness: 0.82 inch
  • Width: 1.49 inch at the Hole 1 side and 1.02 inch at the Hole 10 side
  • Covers*
  • Key cap*
  • 04 inch stainless steel, deep crystalline black rigid plates
  • Black screws
  • Black comb*
  • Reed-plates
  • Stainless steel Gamma reeds®
  • Pivoting arms* that anchor the reed-plates
  • Patented Quick and Easy Dismantling Dystem of the instrument to clean it very easily (QDS system)

* Tritan®, high performance food grade resin

Additional information

Weight 0,14 kg

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Richter, Solo Tuning (Available for keys of C, G or A only)