Bene Bennett harmoniciste

Bene has been writing, producing and performing progressive, synth-centric rock for many years through his Sembalance project.

For his 50th birthday, he receives a new birthday present with 10 holes and 20 blades… This has initiated a radical change in electronics towards something much more organic.

The harmonica was immediately incorporated into experimental electro soundscapes, but quickly turned into a real passion.

Bene has played in various rock and roll cover bands, on the streets, in the mountains, by the sea or wherever the opportunity arises.

In March 2016, he joined the team of artists endorsed by Yonberg. This pushes him to develop his soloing/busking act, with the D2’s comfortable power being key, shaping the sound and pushing what can be achieved with little more than a harmonica, microphone and a sturdy pair of boots.

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