Diabolo harmoniciste

A radiant harmonica player with a nomadic register and breathless sensitivity, Diabolo played with as much happiness on the sparking songs of Higelin, the half-tone melodies of Bashung, the iconic jazz of Archie Shepp or Didier Lockwood, the the hot-blooded blues of Patricia Kaas or Manu Lanvin, the blue words of Christophe, the Celtic-rock rhythms of Manau and Pat ‘O May.

In 2018, Diabolo celebrates the seasons with Benny Joke at Cirque Plume and Cabaret Sauvage and ignites the stages as a soloist on reggae and dubs in sound system.

Charismatic improviser and inspired composer, he modulates his sound for commercials (Nestlé, Badoit, Renault, Migros), films (Sylvain George festiv, Ballets de Bejart, Pietragalla company).

A performer without borders, he crosses improbable universes suspended by a thread, ordering the dance of cranes or the descent of hot air balloons, chanting fire and rockets, alone aboard a makeshift raft on Lake Geneva or licked by the flames of “fire snow”, an incantatory show by Lara Castiglioni.

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