Fabrice Mailly harmoniciste

My passion for the harmonica goes back to my childhood.

My father loved to play the harmonica and made me discover this beautiful instrument. I spent a few years trying to understand how this instrument worked and exploring all its possibilities. I took a more serious interest in it in 1986 and consider myself self-taught. I integrated small formations in different styles. At first, I played essentially rock n’ roll and rockabilly. In 2002, I made my first track on a Hotchikens album, Play Genes. Then, for nearly 12 years, I joined a blues-rock band called Boneshakers, and at the same time was in a traditional blues band named Walkin Blues. For about 5 years, I have been part of a professional Wild Boogie Combo band. We tour all over Europe, Switzerland and the United States, including Las Vegas. This same band also accompanies Mr. Archie Lee Hooker, nephew of John Lee Hooker. I play regularly in France and in England with Steve Hooker, English guitarist singer and I am also part of the group Little Dan and His Wet Dogs.


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