Phil Derest

Harmonicist from the blues and originally from the east of France, Phil Derest is above all a singer and blues harmonica player.

He has been playing for a very long time in many blues rock bands. In 1998, he moved to Haute-Savoie and became the harmonica player of Flyroad at Catfish Blues Band. He participated in numerous recordings for the rock on studio label. He also records for artists like John Plaine but also for rock musicians from Le Havre.

He left the blues world for a few years to work with artists from Mali, notably Kassoum Coulibaly of the Toubafine group, and also worked with Jean-Marie Nseko Baguetta from Kinshasa, with the Congolese group Banalokolé Musica. He also participates in sessions with the Malagasy trio Ts’manavak.

In 2020, Phil Derest is the leader of the group Rompstomp, present on the current blues scenes and in which he returns by highlighting a certain trans blues rock.

Today, he is recording an album that we can’t wait to discover.

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