Richie Faret harmoniciste

Musician by profession, straight out of the Perpignan School of Fine Arts, he started blowing a harmonica after seeing Diabolo, during a concert by Jacques Higelin at the Paris casino in 1983. Inspired by his harmonica player fetish, he decided, 5 years later, to go on stage thanks to his guitarist friend Jako.

Since then, he has traveled the blues scene with various bands: *Les Maudits Waters, Rob Strong, Olive Deus & Les Saints Corruptibles, Nico Backton and Wizards of Blues, La Clef de 12, Les Doigts Rouillés, Orlando Mc Crea Blues Band, Les Tailors2costards, Le Tribute Johnny “Succès” Hallyday, and the French blues duo Ducky Parlton? He has performed with Journeyman as well as famed bluesman Cisco Herzhaft.

Today, he plays with Christophe “Zeb” Vialle-Moudat, former friend of Les Maudits Waters in the duo (or even trio) Blues2Men.

He has more than fifteen albums to his credit, with his own groups but also through multiple interventions with various musicians such as Pascal Comelade, Gérard Jacquet and Cali in his “Indy” formation.

He put his harmonica on the music of the program Échappées Belles on France 5.

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