Red Shaggy Dogs Pascal Redondo

For those who claim being part of a musical chapel, the Shaggy Dogs are traitors, because it is impossible to classify them in a precise style. Blues? Not only. Rock Pub? Too restrictive! Rock, then? Soul??? They are all of these things at the same time, a simple and skilful mix that they call Fiesta Blues’n’Roll.

So yes, they are rebels and outlaws, because they refuse the clichés associated with this or that kind of music. They have chosen freedom, and their universe is nourished by all kinds of music as long as they allow them to party and make their audience dance.

The Shaggy Dogs made their fangs by participating in a first album in 1998 “Tribute to Lee Brilleaux” in tribute to the leader of Dr. Feelgood. Since then, our “Pub Rockers Class Heroes” have never ceased to maintain a Rhythm’n’ Blues-Soul-Rock’n’Roll cuvée drawn from the same barrel of beer as their hero.

Eight albums later, and tours all over France, Europe, Canada and even Japan, the pack is more biting than ever. Now they come back to us, almost apologizing for keeping us waiting, releasing an Ep called “Sorry For The Delay!”. For them, the important thing remains the same, from the world before the one of today: taking pleasure when it presents itself, living the present moments and enjoying them to the fullest.

Always in full ceremonial dress, like the orchestra of a soulful and chic revue, the dogs stand guard. To climb aboard their ship to go back in time, you have to show your credentials. Put aside his show, his gloom and his stereotypes, to better let himself be carried away in this astonishing spatio-temporal fault that takes us to the time of the big bang Rock’n’Roll.

Jacker: Guitar
Toma: Bass
Ben: Keyboard / Backing vocals
Vince: Drums
Red: Lead Vocal / Harmonica

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